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At Sky Fans, we’ve got our hand-crafting fingers on the pulse of talented local and international designers. Not only do they serve as an inspiration for our own eclectic ranges, but they’re also worthy of celebration in their own right, as leaders in their craft. This month we’re showcasing two of the best: one representing a rich sense of nostalgic opulence, and the other a distinctly vibrant take on modern beauty. Join us as we explore the work of Charles Greig jewellers and Nomad Jewellry – by Heidi Liebenberg – and find your favourite.

Charles Greig jewellery – timeless, precious, opulent

Established in 1899, this fifth-generation jewellery design house, brings a touch of nostalgic glamour and a range of world-renowned timepieces to suit the most discerning of buyers, such as watches and jewellery from international brands like Tag Heuer, Mont Blanc and Cartier.

Why we love them

Not only does Charles Grieg showcase prestigious brands and offer a coveted selection of time pieces, it’s also perfect for collectors and provides custom-designed jewellry to those looking for something special. If you’d like professional advice regarding diamonds and precious stones, you’ll find it in-store.

Where you’ll find Charles Grieg

There are four designer branches in South Africa’s biggest cities – Sandton and Hyde Park, Cape Town and Pretoria. Locate your nearest branch here.

What’s the Occasion?

You’ll love everything at Charles Grieg if you appreciate nostalgia, opulence and tradition. This is also the perfect place to acquire engagement and wedding bands, as well as jewellery and timepieces that celebrate important milestones.

Nomad Jewellery & Accessories by Heidi Liebenberg – Young, vibrant, eclectic

Why we love Nomad

Heidi’s exquisite pieces are created in gold, silver, platinum and palladium – a rare silver and white-hued metal known for its durability – as well as moonstones, and more. Not only does this make for long-lasting pieces but also adds a touch of luxury to every item. Nomad jewellery offers pieces that fall into intriguingly named categories like “African Voodoo”, “Absolute Garden”, “Leaf” and “Ritual” with creations like warrior pendants and smokey quartz and horn earrings available to collectors.

Where you’ll find Nomad Jewellery

Thanks to its international appeal – Nomad Jewellery can be found at Mads Nords in Paris, France and purchased online here.

What’s the Occasion?

While Heidi does create a spectacular range of wedding jewellery, her pieces are ideally suited to the adventurous and sophisticated who embrace a sense of freedom, and love unique pieces with a story.

For more information on these, or any of the designer houses we showcase on our blog, you can Contact Us. Join us again next month as we continue to explore design inspiration and beautiful interiors.