Luxury Interior Design Trends – What to look forward to in 2017

by admin on September 8, 2016 Comments 0

At Sky Fans, we cater to a range of tastes from vintage and colonial to modern, retro and minimalist – but we also like to stay abreast of design trends for added inspiration. That’s why we’re giving you a sneak peek of some of the hottest interior ideas for 2017, before everybody else catches on. Of course, as with any trend, feel free to add your own interpretation for a comfortable and luxurious interior that speaks uniquely to your tastes and interests, or the needs of your clients.

Dark Green & Other Earth-inspired Pastels

Word among those in the know is that dark green is going to hit the international interior design scene in a big way next year. Forest tones and related palettes are going to be the perfect way to keep your home and/or guest house’s interior looking fresh and updated. This is especially true for fabrics, which will likely showcase texture over patterns in the coming months.

In the same breath, other earthtones in soft spring colours will come up in supporting hues, to perfectly compliment your dark green centerpieces and focal points. As we see Rose Quartz tones taking centre stage less over the coming months, so it is more organic counterparts, like lavender and blush, will firmly take its place.

Textured and upholstered headboards

Textured and upholstered headboards will be the perfect way to give your bedroom a makeover without too much effort. Embrace this sense of “Hollywood Regency” and inject some understated glamour and comfort into your personal sanctuary. Fully upholstered headboards work – but a dark, wooden frame around the patterning is the perfect way to compliment the rest of your bed and draw consistency to other pieces in the room. This will also suit the earth tones mentioned earlier, should you wish to incorporate those into your space.

Mixed Metals

The concept of using mixed metals to create variations in ambience is not new. Gold and brass have been widely popular over the last 2 years, especially, and neither appears to be disappearing from designer spaces any time soon. However, 2017 will see the re-introduction of nickel and silver. On the international scene, white plaster is particularly exciting as a contemporary finish for metals – especially for lighting fixtures. This is useful for designers who are trying to establish a light and airy feeling or a backdrop for new palettes.

All told, we’re seeing some exciting trends making a reappearance in the coming year, giving designers more options to create practical yet beautiful spaces that incorporate natural hues and luxurious textures.

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