True Luxury – The Best of South African Design

by admin on July 20, 2016 Comments 0

As a designer interior brand, we at Sky Fans are often exposed to the uniquely exquisite work of SA designers. Whether it be fitting our fans into award-winning interiors or meeting high-end business owners with a taste for sophistication and opulence, we can attest to the talent and passion here on our nation’s very own doorstep. South Africa, is clearly a front-runner in world design – offering some of the most premium luxury jewellry, clothing, homeware and fine art in the world. So we’d like to introduce you to some of our favourites.

Charles Greig jewellry: Jewellry & Fine Timepieces

This fifth-generation jewellry design house, which also offers a range of fine timepieces was established in 1899. With four branches across South Africa – in Cape Town, Sandton, Hyde Park and Pretoria, they offer a varied showcase of every prestigious brand from Cartier to Omega, Mont Blanc and Tag Heuer, amongst others. Discerning buyers often visit Charles Greig stores for custom-made jewellry as well as professional advice on diamond and precious gemstone pieces and their care.

The Light Shed, Johannesburg: Designer Interior Fittings & Lighting

We’ve chosen to officially partner with the Light Shed to showcase some of our colonial fans because this lifestyle outlet has such a good reputation for high-quality design. With two stores in Jan Smuts avenue and Craighall Park, it’s easy to get your hands on the perfect lighting and fittings for designer homes. The Light Shed is particularly perfect for those who enjoy a modern spin on vintage pieces, as well as fittings for Victorian-themed spaces. View some of their most beautiful pieces on offer, here:

Michelle Ludek: High-end Designer Clothing

While South African fashion design is well respected on a global scale – few local designer have pieces that are showcased in the world’s most high-end fashion hubs. Michelle Ludek is one of the privileged few, thanks to her talent and the appealing nature of her wearable but premium-quality clothing. Not only do her slouchy shift dresses and feminine summer wear set her apart as a designer, she also adds a distinctly signature twist to every piece of clothing with her “High Street”, luxurious sense of style.

Donald Greig: Fine Sculpture

Many of South Africa’s artists have made a name for themselves abroad – showcasing the diverse talent and rich cultural tapestry of the nation to enthusiastic buyers overseas. However, few have made as great an impact as South African sculptures Donald Greig and with good reason. Coming from a family of diamond jewellers, Donald has a keen eye for the truly exquisite beauty of nature, which is easily seen in his bronze and malachite sculptors of wildlife. He regularly hosts exhibitions around the world, finding acclaim with critics and art-lovers alike for his distinctly african work, that always incorporates a touch of true opulence.

Stay tuned to our blog as we explore more truly exquisite homegrown talent, amongst some of the world’s most stunning architecture, design and fashion houses – for those who enjoy the finer things in life.