Victorian Bathrooms – Your Gateway to Designer Victorian Style

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At Sky Fans, we’ve spent years ensuring that interior designers, business-owners and homeowners alike, can create beautiful spaces. This is why we recognise other service providers for their love of the craft. One such company, is Victorian Bathrooms – providing stunning fixtures and fittings for elegant homes. Luxury and a touch of romance are just some of the ways in which they showcase true Victorian style – a timeless look, perfect for adding character to modern spaces. Why not draw inspiration from their elegant selection and incorporate it into a charming new bathroom? It’s as simple as finding the right combination between practicality and carefully selected furniture and finishes.

The perfect bathing experience

The most notable and iconic feature of a Victorian bathroom is the presence of the freestanding, ball-and-claw porcelain bath, just like some of the “bespoke baths” on offer at Victorian Bathrooms. However, you can also choose from a selection of other free-standing baths, in chaise (raised for comfort), luxe (large and roomy) and a Oslo (traditionally modern) styles, among others. These are slightly more suited to modern life in terms of their hard-wearing material. Plus, you can also choose a shower bath, which showcases traditional Victorian style but suits the needs of modern homeowners. For a dash of colour and a unique twist, choose a bath finished with a bright colour or an aged bath skirt.

Tiling and wall finishes

Victorian bathrooms commonly featured mahogany wall panels or tiles. Wall paneling creates a warmer atmosphere than tiles and is another way to add colour and character should this be your aim. At Victorian Bathrooms you can choose from a selection of penny or subway tiles they are most commonly used for an unfussy-but-elegant effect. You’ll also have the option to go with classic black and white tiles.

Colour is also very important when it comes to both paint and tiles; white or other light colours are often chosen to add a light and airy feel. If you are looking to put your own spin on this theme, brighter colours can be used, but should be matched with other finishes, such as the outside of the bath tub, towels, mirror frames etc.

Find your flooring

Similarly, the perfect flooring will help set the scene for a victorian bathroom you’ll love. Choose from octagonal mosaic tiles or black and white semi-gloss porcelain tiles, for a striking focal feature.

Ceramic ware

Pedestal sinks are a popular feature of this design style. They are simple and attach directly to the wall, perched atop a porcelain base. These basins are brilliant space-savers, and aesthetically stunning. Another option is to use a marble or bronze sink that is set on top of an antique chest of drawers – this is the perfect option if you’re looking to add storage space. Victorian Bathrooms, specifically, has a high-quality range of ceramicware, including bidets, basins and wash closets – as well as an Arcade Collection with a Belle Epoche feel (think Paris 1914).

Keeping your bathroom fresh and airy

A Victorian style fan is the perfect combination of form and function. While acting as a core design piece, it also works to remove excess moisture and humidity in the room, and generally circulates the air. At Sky Fans we offer a range of options in our Fanimation Collection which will suit your Victorian furniture and finishes beautifully.

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Happy renovating!

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