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Wooden panels for paddle fans

by admin on September 18, 2012 Comments 0

Wooden Paddles for Sky Fans

Timber is alive: it moves depending on what the weather’s doing so it’s important to use only stable hardwood laminates which won’t warp. We use really expensive Marine Ply – made to the highest British specifications – to ensure the durability of our ceiling fans. Solid wood sounds great but it can’t handle changes in […]

Turning a Colonial Paddle Fan cover on the lathe

by Brenda on July 26, 2012 Comments 0

Timber motor covers

We use West African timber, kiln dried to make sure it won’t warp or crack. After sawing the timber into blocks we send it for computer cutting (CNC Router Cutting) where they hollow out the inside of the cover so that it fits the motor well – a fairly complicated design which also aids airflow […]