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Q: What about the speed controllers?

A: We supply our ceiling fans with a flush mounted speed controller which fits into a standard 4 x 2 wall box/light switch box. We mount the speed controller behind a plain white Legrand Arteor face plate. Let us know if you have special requirements: our controller module can be housed behind a variety of different faceplates from other ranges.

Q: Are the fans easy to install?

A: Yes. We supply simple instructions for your electrician – please insist that the electrician follows them! Take care with the fan as it is precisely balanced and beautifully finished. If handled carefully, it is a simple job.

Q: Are the fans costly to run?

A: No, they require less power than a 100w light bulb even on the highest speed. They are cost-savers when used in conjunction with air conditioners: you can set the thermostat a couple of degrees higher as the fan will efficiently circulate the air and add a wind-chill effect.

Q: I don't live in Cape Town, how do I get your ceiling fans?

A: We’ll send the fan to your door. Transport costs to major centres in S.A. are minimal. Let us know where you are and we’ll quote you on door-to-door transport. We are in over 40 countries worldwide – we package our fans beautifully for transport to any destination.

Q: Can I install a ceiling fan on my veranda?

A: Please let us know if the ceiling fan is to be installed under cover outdoors. Our fans are rated for a Tropical Climate, but they should not be directly exposed to the weather. Ideally the outdoor area should be enclosed on 3 sides and allow for the fan to be situated in a completely dry area which will not be directly exposed to the elements. We choose not to supply our fans if you live in an area with a very humid/corrosive environment. The most efficient fans for use on a veranda are 1.2 and 1.4m diameter.

Q: Can I install a fan in my bathroom or steamroom?

A: Our ceiling fans should not be installed in bathrooms or steam rooms.

Q: Are the fans reversible?

A: No. Our unique handcrafted paddle shapes exclude this option.

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