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Find the perfect cooling solution for your accommodation without compromising on the aesthetics

You’ve hired the creative experts of the design world to make sure your luxury hotel or lodge looks and feels the part. Architects and interior designers have crafted each space with form and function in mind, having incorporated various design elements to ensure every space pleases the eye.

However, visual appeal isn’t the only aspect to consider when creating a luxury environment for your guests. Hosting a comforting environment is arguably even more critical.

Africa is hot, and many foreign guests are unaccustomed to the heat, so how can you provide a cooling solution which doesn’t detract from your interior design while still allowing your guests to relax in cool comfort?

Sky Fans specialise in the craft and sale of high quality designer ceiling fans that compliment a variety of hotel and lodge environments. From Safari retreats to island getaways, a Sky Fan will provide a cool breeze to tame the wild African climate.

The perfect ceiling fan for modern spaces

The Original Paddle Fan in bold modern grey tones such as ‘Cast Iron’, ‘Zinc’, or ‘Satin Black’ looks great in avant-garde spaces with clean lines and contemporary decor.

These colour schemes look especially great in industrial themed rooms with a lot of raw metal and brickface. The ‘metal’ finish complements a contemporary look and doesn’t draw too much attention to itself.

Other, imported fans that would work well would be ceiling fans from the Fanimation range, which include, but are not limited to, a wide selection of ultra-modern, industrial-looking fans such as The Spitfire Three-Blade Ceiling Fan, which come in brushed nickel, dark walnut, driftwood, weathered white, whiskey wood, or natural blades.

View on to the garden from the inside of a lodge

The perfect ceiling fan for a game lodge

Although no two game lodges are the same, there tends to be a general rustic aesthetic that wildlife lodges adhere to, which includes a lot of timber, natural fibres like hemp and straw, along with a neutral colour scheme.

A ceiling fan made of high-quality timber, where you can actually see the grain in the wood would be a fitting choice for game lodges. Colour variations that work well with this type of decor are: ‘African Blackwood’, ‘Brazilian Mahogany’, ‘Georgian Brown’, ‘Mahogany’, ‘Oak’, ‘Old Ash’, ‘Smoked Ash’, ‘Teak’, and ‘Walnut’, with the darker woods standing out in particular.

The Original Paddle Fan has been used in luxury lodges all over the African continent, including White Sands in Ghana, Savute Elephant Lodge in Chobe, as well as in South African lodges such as Bushman’s Kloof Wilderness Reserve, MalaMala Game Reserve, Singita at Sabi Sands, among many others.

The Best Aesthetic for Country Cottages

When thinking of a cosy country cottage getaway, one imagines a rainy day with dog lying beside a fireplace with a roaring fire, and puffy armchairs that you sink into while sipping on a aged cognac . While this may be the case for winters, cottages in the summer can get incredibly stuffy. A conveniently placed wooden ceiling fan offers an elegant solution with the right wooden finish.

Colour variations from The Original Paddle Fan range that includes the natural grain of the wood, such as ‘Birch Charcoal’, ‘Country Ash’, ‘French Ash’ ‘Old Ash’, ‘Smoked Ash’, and ‘Washed Walnut’, tend to work well in this environment.

The Ideal Ceiling Fan for Seaside Hotels & Lodges

Seaside hotels and lodges have a distinctive light, airy feel with a lot of white-washed wood and large windows overlooking the ocean. Guests staying at hotels and lodges by the sea expect a certain calm atmosphere that reminds them that they are at the seaside.

The Original Paddle Fan in light tones such as ‘Birch Natural’, ‘French Ash’, ‘Satin White’, ‘White Ash Limewash’ match this aesthetic.

The Fanimation Islander Ceiling Fan also works well to create a ‘by-the-sea’ look and feel. The Fanimation Punkah Ceiling Fan is another great option in keeping with the tropical theme and is available in antique brass, pewter or rust, and the blades in antique bamboo, clear woven bamboo or natural palm.

Or, if you would like to opt for a more eye catching and unique option, The Fanimation Palmetto Ceiling Fan provides a vertical solution that is ideal for cooling guests at your beach bar.

View of the seaside from the inside of a lodge

Cooling creates comfort

No matter the location or style of your accommodation, Sky Fans has a fan to complement any space, creating a cool and comforting environment for your guests.

Please enquire about our range of ceiling fans to find and fit the perfect fan.

2.2m mahogany original paddle fan sky fan

Keep your lodges cool without compromising on aesthetic.

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