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Hand-crafted Ceiling Fans since 1998

Timber covers: hand turned, each one unique

The process of making our solid timber covers – aka hubs – starts with wood guru Neville, who selects the kiln-dried, solid planks: superior grade timber contributes to the best end result, and that’s what Sky Fans is all about.

The planks are planed to size, cut into blocks, and then they go through a CNC computer process which transforms them into motor covers: they are hollowed out, creating the perfect interior profile, ensuring structural stability and efficient airflow around our self-cooling motors.

Once that’s done, the focus shifts to the lathe, where Michael starts working his magic: he fits the timber cover onto the lathe and turns the outer profile, using old fashioned tools and well-honed technique. The end result is unique: no two covers are identical, each one is made with care and close attention to stylish detail.

We’re chuffed that the lathe on which our timber hubs are turned was made by Neville when he was a young apprentice, more than 40 years ago – it goes to show that old fashioned quality really counts, it stands the test of time.

Timber paddles: shaped by hand

The paddles of our Original Colonial Paddle Fans™ are created from imported multi-ply hardwood, 5 to 7 ply, superior grade. Once the timber has been cut to size, each paddle is shaped on a spindle and then hand sanded and dusted down.

From there the paddles are moved to the grading and sorting area of our workshop. The task of finding 3 timber paddles which look and weigh exactly the same takes more time than one would imagine, but it’s well worth the effort, it all helps to achieve an excellent end result. 

Once we’ve found a perfectly matched set of 3 paddles, it is given a unique serial number which is stamped on to the back of each paddle with a steel embossing stamp.  From that stage onwards the 3 paddles remain a set with its unique number recorded against the client’s name. Then it’s time to move on to ‘finishing’ which takes loads of time and effort: Alison and her team transform the raw timber paddles and covers as they sand, seal, sand, stain, sand, lacquer and polish our timber fan components….to perfection.

Motors: self-cooling, finished to specification

Our motors are excellent quality, reliable, and whisper quiet on the lower speeds.  The casings are made from die-cast aluminium (self-cooling) and will not rust. Our testing standards are unmatched, and our rigorous process includes the recording of all technical data related to each fan we make. No Sky Fan leaves our workshop in Wynberg, Cape Town, unless it’s been comprehensively tested and beautifully balanced.  

Ceiling and motor cups: to match your fan assembly

Sky Fans’ stylish ceiling and motor cups are hand spun in aluminium, and finished to specification to match the entire fan assembly, including the rod and fan motor.

Rods: for ceilings up to 9m high. Sky Fans are supplied with 23cm rods, suitable for ceilings up to 2,9m high. If you have ceilings over 3m it’s no problem as we supply rods up to 6m long,  suitable for very high ceilings. Our superbly balanced ceiling fans behave beautifully on long rods too!

Fan Speed Controllers: with faceplates to complement your decor

Our 4 Speed controllers are made right here in Cape Town by R&D Electronics. Owen developed this superior quality controller for us back in 1998, and we’ve been using them ever since. They are the best quality available anywhere – like anything worthwhile, beware of cheap imitations!  Housed behind Legrand faceplates, our controllers look good too. We include an Isolator switch – Sky Fans is fully Compliant with Electrical Regulations. 

Lumen8 also offers a fabulous range of custom-made faceplates in Stainless Steel which includes an R&D Fan Speed Controller and incorporates the R&D fan controller module, identical to the one we use.  Please see their site for details.

2.2m mahogany original paddle fan sky fan

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