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Mosquito Bites and Hot Weather – How to Survive Summer with a Bedroom Ceiling Fan

Our superb quality ceiling fans are perfect for use in bedrooms; the airflow generated by our timber paddle fans is ideal for keeping you cool on hot nights and discourages mosquitoes and miggies from giving you a good night’s sleep.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the reasons that Anahad O’Connor from Science Times magazine states that having a ceiling can discourage mosquitos and other airborne pests from disturbing your peaceful night’s sleep (Including some you may not have heard before):

“[Ceiling fans] prevent them from circling and landing on you, like a windstorm keeping a plane from its descent.”

This is one that most people know about, that the air blows the mosquitos around discouraging them from landing. While this is certainly true, you might be interested in the main reason why the wind stops mosquitos biting you at night.

And if you are worried about the noise from the ceiling fan, worry not. The speed required on the fans to stop mosquitos biting you is a lot slower than you think, causing them to be virtually silent.

1.6m Mahogany ceiling fan hemingways Ol Seki Mara

“A ceiling fan dilutes and disperses the carbon dioxide you exhale. Carbon dioxide is one of the major chemicals that attract mosquitoes.”

Now, this is certainly interesting. Mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide. What this means for you is that you don’t have to turn your fan on to maximum speed when trying to keep mosquitos at bay.

The fan simply has to be strong enough to diffuse the air you breathe to fool mosquitos, not nearly as much wind as you would need to blow mosquitos away.

“The wind from a fan also cools you off. Sweat, lactic acid and body heat attract mosquitoes – factors that a ceiling fan can help minimize.”

Keeping cool has other added benefits other than guaranteeing a good nights sleep. 

Stopping summertime sweat is one of them. Its both comfortable and stops you from broadcasting your location to mosquitos up to 50 meters away. Just make sure your fan is directly above you to completely diffuse all smells.

Invest in a good nights sleep

If you are looking for a solution for your mosquito problem, we have you covered. A 1.4m paddle fan is great for use in bedrooms up to 5 x 5m and works well in larger rooms too if installed directly over the bed. If the bedroom is larger than 5 x 5m you could consider using a 1.6m ceiling fan. Set the fan speed controller to 1 or 2 for a quiet, comfortable sleep (fan speeds vary depending on the paddle size).

Each fan is handcrafted and individually balanced to perform silently at all speeds, giving you the best possible nights’ sleep. Send those mosquitos knocking on someone else’s door. Get your Original Paddle Fan in a finish that suits your space and forget about the sleepless summer nights.

2.2m mahogany original paddle fan sky fan

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