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Designer inspiration is everywhere, and we know the best places to look

The minute you cease to be inspired as a designer is the moment you become lost. At Sky Fans we are constantly finding inspiration all around us, whether it be in nature, through global trends or by looking to outstanding local craftsmanship in various media. When searching for a local brand that exudes inspiration, we don’t have to venture any further than Woodwinds Custom Furniture.

Woodwinds Furniture works with most timbers available and they manufacture utilising both solid wood and veneer formats. They also work with aluminium, stainless and mild steel, laminates and solid surfacing.

Founded in 1987, Woodwinds produces a variety of custom-made, one-of-a-kind pieces with the type of exquisite craftsmanship and immense skill that could only come from both raw talent and years of experience. Here are just a few of the reasons why we love what they do.

Personally Hand-crafted wooden furniture

Despite having owned the business for almost 30 years, Neville Boiskin is still personally involved in each and every project. Along with his highly skilled crew, the emphasis of Woodwinds is on quality manufacturing and excellent craftsmanship. The crew’s experience combines creativity and practical knowledge to produce work of an uncompromising standard, while Neville’s exacting eye and attention to detail ensures that each and every piece of furniture produced will be both beautiful and built to last.

Custom furniture hand crafted to your expectations

When custom-made furniture is your business’s main offering, one can only expect that the work produced will be somewhat of a mixed bag – some pieces tasteful, while others border on bizarre – yet this is an area where Woodwinds always outdoes itself. Through artfully conceptualising, listening to the client, and giving them expert advice, Woodwinds manages to produce pieces that are both elegant and chic and which match the client’s expectations. With their modern lines, choice of timber, a range of clean wood finishes and use of mixed materials, (leather, metals, laminates) their variety of pieces have one thing in common – they all represent style, quality and elegance.

True bespoke wooden furniture

Being a bespoke furniture company, Woodwinds certainly displays a wide-ranging portfolio. Dining room tables and chairs, cabinets, coffee tables, plasma units, boardroom tables and reception desks are just some of the items included in their repertoire, each specially designed and crafted according to each client’s specifications. This is why Woodwind’s Neville Boiskin has been Sky Fans’ timber specialist for more than 20 years.

Beyond these everyday office and household items, Woodwinds is not confined to any specific type of furniture, which enables them to create or modify specialised pieces and wooden components of all kinds. From the mundane to the unusual, they are able to assist.

Constantly pushing the boundaries and realising the eclectic visions of their clientele, yet never compromising on style, Woodwinds delivers time and time again. By understanding the client’s idea, providing professional advice, and tweaking the concept until it resembles a designer masterpiece, Woodwinds has created a new benchmark in the furniture making scene.

To find out more about this exceptional brand, visit their Facebook page – and stay tuned to our blog for more design inspiration, here at Sky Fans.

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